Thursday, June 27, 2013

a quick review of month TWO

the laying ladies... not all mine of course!
best soap EVER! (sorry for the blurry pic)
week 1 CSA boxes full and delicious

post haircut
trying to carry an egg on a spoon while getting shot with a water gun
This month we....
  *  have stuck to one big grocery shop a week...with a detailed list
  *  did not buy any non-consumable items
*  did purchase FIVE laying hens ($7.25 each) from the farm auction.  We are currently not permitted      to keep chickens in the city so they are living at A New Leaf Farm where we visit them weekly and
     collect their delicious eggs
*  spent $6 on a falafel sandwich (totally worth it) at La Luna restaurant where my book club was meeting.... we determined that one night out/month was a mental health NEED!
* traded some handmade baby clothes for some amazing handmade soap
*continued to volunteer labour hours at A New Leaf Farm in exchange for a weekly CSA box (awesome experience!!!!)
* found a free morning camp for the kids to attend for a week
* found a friend who was willing to cut Anthony's hair for free
* have been taking advantage of free picnics in our community 
* Ava went on class trip to African Lion's Safari for $20 but did not bring any money for trinkets and food...her choice.

I am so proud that we are finishing up month two of our twelve month challenge.  On the whole, this month was a lot more challenging than the first one.  It seemed we had more opportunities to spend and bring non-essentials into the house.  We really pulled together to try and make decisions as a family about these issues.  The kids have loved having a say and making the distinction between want and need....actually to the point of irritating me a bit!  I asked the kids if they thought I should get a tattoo and Ava came at me with "is it a want or a need mom?", obnoxious yes but I guess she's getting the point. Next month I think I am really going to try and focus on using up supplies that we have lying around the house and what is in the freezer.  Perhaps I will  be able to use this to cut groceries down to every other week for a while....we shall see.  

P.S if you are interested in a weekly CSA basket of delicious organic produce, check out a New Leaf Farm (Facebook page), they still have some spots available and THEY DELIVER and they are awesome!


  1. You guys rock! I love the new hair.

  2. What types of foods are in the CSA BOX of foods? Sounds interesting and yummy ;)
    (Heather woods)